My first date ♥

Darling you look wonderful tonight!

A beautiful white room, where I’m getting ready for my first ever date with the person I love. My purple gown has been waiting for this day since a long time now. I picked it up from my white cozy quilt and started getting ready for my perfect date!
I slipped into my purple gown . My hair tied in a beautiful bun and dangle earrings hanging around my ears.
I was trying to tie the laces of my purple dress when suddenly arrives , dressed in a black and white three piece suit, he looked nothing less than a true gentleman ! He touched my earring and started tying the laces of my purple gown! He then held my hand , knelt down and said “you look beautiful”.
All this time I was looking into his eyes and with every passing second he was making me fall in love with him even more.
He then took me downstairs to his car, opened the door for me, we both sat in the car and then from my place to our date destination there was a beautiful silence and I couldn’t stop the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
Then finally we arrived the date destination, it was an open lounge where he pulled back a chair for me to sit , poured wine into glasses. Just after having our first swig of wine, Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight “ was all around in the air and then we danced and kissed ♥
The music fades down to- coz darling you look wonderful tonight….



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