Lets get to know each other

Remember those silly childhood days, when we wanted to do everything, be anything or anyone and achieve everything we could possibly perceive. As just another young kid growing up in the age of Television, Newspapers, and Magazines, my fascination for future depended on what movie I just saw, what story I just read or what I saw my parents talking about. I remember being fascinated by our closest celestial neighbor and how it glowed as it pleased every night and I remember going to the roof in the nights and talk about my whole day with my glowing friend in the night sky… and that went on for a while. But the day I saw this man playing his magic with the tools and turning a totally wrecked car into an up and running vehicle, and damn, now I wanted to be a mechanic too.

Fast forward a couple of years…

the curiosity was the same but the playground was many folds bigger than before, I was in college. The radius of exposure that was until now limited to my parents and my school was now practically limitless. I was for the first time living away from my parents, worrying about my own food, my laundry and getting up on time…and I tell you, the transition wasn’t fun at all. (I remember, literally crying myself to sleep cuz I missed home)

Once I had made a peace pact with the new world order, I actually saw that there was just too much going on and there was just enough I could participate in. So, after joining and leaving half a dozen college groups, I was finally giving all my attention to Street Plays and volunteering in everything I found interesting.

My street plays took me to different parts of the country and in the process, I grew a love for the idea of travel, the idea of meeting new people, the idea of exploring new cultures and understanding different worlds that exist in this master-world called earth.

I used to write about my trips in my personal diary and to be honest, I never shared those entries with anyone, but I met a few people who changed my perspective on travel. That led me to sharing my travel stories with more people and learning about their travel tales, and PencilBicycler was born.